Samsung Galaxy LTE smartwatch with HealthAssist®

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    The Gold Subscription Includes:

    • Samsung Galaxy LTE Smartwatch with HealthAssist
      • Upper watch stem (button) press for Emergency Call to 911 or Monitoring Agent
      • Fall Detection
      • GPS location update every 30 minutes
      • HealthAssist Web Companion to utilize one or more of the following features.
        • Reminder to watch (chirp, vibrate, display message). Message dismissed by pressing “ok” icon
          • Medication Reminder (with local weather forecast)
            • Rx RefillReminder with Rx Refill Submission via watch-face.
          • One-Time Custom Reminder
            • i.e. “Remember You have a medical appointment with Dr. Brown today at 4:00”
          • Recurring Custom Reminders
            • i.e. ” it’s time to schedule you a1ctest” Or “It’s time to schedule your annual physical”
          • Instrument Reminder
            • “it’s time to measure your Blood Oxygen” Press Ok to continue.
      • Monitoring and on demand history of:
        • Daily steps
        • Hourly Heart Rate
        • ECG
        • Heart Rate
        • Blood Oxygen
        • Body Temperature
        • Sleep
        • Medication Adherence Rates
      • HealthAlertTM
        • Automatic detailed alerts to caregiver(s) If any of the Above measurements is out of the normal/safe ranges.

    The Platinum Subscription Includes:

    • All of the features of the Gold Subscription Plus
      • Integration with Primary Care Physician Remote Patient Monitoring, paid by Medicare/Medicaid