Understanding What Physicians Do

You are about to see a patient who has been diagnosed with hypertension and type 2 diabetes. Before you are done clicking through the electronic health record (EHR) system, he or she has already entered. How can you avoid this type of situation? Is there an easier to understand your patients in advance? The answer is yes! With smart wearables such as HealthAssist Watches for physicians, you will be able to tap into a phenomenal amount of health-related data that is available today. Additionally, physicians will be able to monitor everything from glucose levels to medication adherence.

Physicians are medical professionals who treat, diagnose and prevent various types of diseases in order to improve their patients’ overall health. The two main types of physicians include specialist physicians and general practice physicians. The former deals with medical disorders and diseases that require further medical attention. The latter specializes in diagnosing and treating general illnesses.

HealthAssist Watch for Physicians

Benefits of HealthAssist Watches for Physicians

Improved patient monitoring practices: HealthAssist Watch allows physicians to directly monitor their patients without face to face appointments. These wearables can be used to view patient vitals in real-time, for chronic conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

Improved communication between physicians and patients: HealthAssist Watch allows for real-time communication between physicians and patients both inside and outside of a medical office or hospital. Physicians will be able to check in with patients about their treatment from anywhere. By actively engaging one’s patient, he or she is more likely to follow the doctor’s care plan, e.g., incorporating healthy practices and taking medications on time.

Improved workflow efficiency: HealthAssist Watch allows physicians to remotely view diagnostic tests from anywhere. Users will be able to read the tests sooner and inform their patients faster than ever.

Why Should You Get HealthAssist Watches for Physicians?


Patient education


Solid feedback and
support system


Peace of mind


Seamless access to
quality healthcare

HealthAssist Watches are essential tools for modern physicians. Our smart wearables gather the data you need so that you can make informed healthcare decisions in a snap. Physicians will be able to better collaborate with both caregivers and patients to improve treatment outcomes.
Because HealthAssist Watches do not need any Internet connection, paired smart devices or Wi-Fi connection to work, physicians simply wear them out of the box. You will love how easy it is to send notifications pertaining to missed doses, appointments, and medication. In addition to medical reminders, physicians can take advantage of HealthAssist Watch’s heart rate, activity level, and stress level tracking capabilities as well. Patients can be monitored without disrupting their daily routines.
Enjoy complete peace of mind that our HealthAssist Watches are affordable. Physicians can purchase them by paying in full or via installments. That’s not all; you have a decent range of color combinations to choose from to match your style!
If you have any inquiries about the HealthAssist Watch and how it can be of use to physicians, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-635-2720.