Understanding Home Health Emergencies

Home health emergencies often take place when least expected. You might be relaxing at home and suddenly feel a sharp pain in your chest. During moments like those, you need a quick and easy way of getting help. Nothing is faster than using the HealthAssist Watch to get the medical care that you require.

When you are looking after a loved one, it becomes even more critical to have a way to alert caregivers when there is an emergency. If the person in question is an elderly person, it is important for that process to be simple and easy to execute regardless of where the person is at the moment. When your loved one has a HealthAssist Watch, summoning for help becomes as simple as pushing a button.

Home Health Emergencies

Home Health Emergencies for Physicians

Home health emergency call-out feature offers several key benefits to physicians including:

  • Saves lives through rapid response
  • Can be used regardless of what the patient is doing at the time of emergency
  • HealthAssist Watch data can be used to help with the diagnosis of the emergency

HealthAssist Watches come with GPS tracking capabilities and this allows the emergency service providers and caregivers to know exactly where the affected patient is. This shortens the response time and makes it likely that the patient’s life will be saved.

Home Health Emergencies for Patients

In addition to physicians, home health emergencies call out feature is also advantageous to patients in the following ways:


Patient education


Solid feedback and
support system


Peace of mind


Seamless access to
quality healthcare

Unlike a phone that can be misplaced, or the screen locked, the HealthAssist Watch allows for effortless operation. This is critical in the case of a home emergency where the patient might be in too much pain to operate a phone.

Use HealthAssist Watch for Home Health Emergencies

HealthAssist Watch represents the newest innovation in healthcare management. Using this versatile tool, patients can get assistance in case of home emergencies. You also have access to user data such as the patient’s heart rate, stress levels and much more. This kind of data allows one to make changes to their lifestyle, leading to healthier choices.