Understanding Caregiver Medication Adherence, Activity Tracking and Bio-Metrics

Adherence to therapies is a major determinant of treatment success. The World Health Organization describes “medication adherence” as the degree to which the individual’s behavior corresponds with his or her health care provider’s recommendations. These recommendations are agreed by both parties. Additionally, it indicates if the person takes his or her medications as prescribed (e.g., once or twice daily), as well as whether they continue taking a prescribed medication.


The goals of this type of reporting include addressing:

  • Interventions to improve medication adherence
  • Identifying reasons for nonadherence
  • Determining the association between outcomes and nonadherence
  • Determining the prevalence of medication nonadherence
  • Identifying different methods of measuring adherence

Fitness is limitless and does not stop at any age. Through daily walks, both the young and old can incorporate some form of exercise between their everyday chores. To guide patients through the proper steps, caregivers can review activity reports to provide proper advice.

Biometrics have long held promise to tighten up patient identification best practices. These technologies generate reports to notify caregivers that they are working with proper demographic and medical information.


Medication Adherence, Activity and Bio-Metric Reporting Benefits for Caregivers

Medication adherence, activity and bio-metric reports offer several key benefits to caregivers including:


Fuse health and wellness information together


Capture and display activity levels (e.g., heart rate)


Inform caregivers of patients’ irregular heart rhythm


Increase patient safety

Use HealthAssist Watch for Caregiver Medication Adherence, Activity and Bio-Metric Reporting

From medication reminders to scheduled medical exams, HealthAssist Watch is designed to help caregivers and physicians continually deliver quality health care services. Because our watches are fully automated, users do not require additional smartphone applications, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi connection and the Internet to operate the watch. Simply wear it and it works.

HealthAssist Watches are suited for daily use and are available in attractive colors such as silver, midnight black and rose gold. The watch also looks great on most wrists; it comes in the standard size of 42mm. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the medical smartwatches are very affordable. All customers have the option of paying for the watches via installments or in full.

If you have any inquiries about the HealthAssist Watch and how it can be utilized for caregiver medication adherence, activity and bio-metric reporting and other medical watch alert applications, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-635-2720.