Understanding Physical Activity Tracking

There are many reasons why doctors are always encouraging people to undertake more physical activity. It is very healthy for the body and lowers the risk of numerous physical problems. Apart from going to the gym, there are other instances when one engages in physical activity. It would be highly beneficial if a patient had a device that allowed them to measure physical activity in real-time. Whether they are walking to catch the bus or moving around the workplace, the HealthAssist Watch will track all their physical activities and present them with a report.

If you have a patient who needs constant monitoring, the physical activity tracking feature in the HealthAssist Watch is a non-intrusive approach to doing this. All you have to do is to get the patient to wear the watch and that is it. You can get a good idea of how much physical activity he or she is getting, thus giving you a basis to make a decision regarding their healthcare management.


Physical Activity Tracking Benefits for Physicians

Physical activity tracking offers several key benefits to physicians including:

  • Easily accessible and accurate data for diagnosis
  • Assists in delivering quality healthcare
  • Allows for 24-hour monitoring
  • Provides physical activity data as part of a larger data set
  • No need for expensive monitoring equipment.

Physical activity is critical to a good healthcare regime. This kind of data allows them to plan and manage the patient’s needs, as well as track the efficacy of the treatment the patient is under.


Physical Activity Tracking Benefits for Patients

In addition to physicians, physical activity tracking is also advantageous to patients in the following ways:


Fits seamlessly into your lifestyle


Data collected enables one to make better health decisions


Easy to use with no programming required

In addition to monitoring your physical activities, the HealthAssist Watch comes with a host of other benefits that give you a comprehensive picture of your overall health status. This includes heart rate data. What this means is that the device can help you monitor how physical activities affect other aspects of your health.

Use HealthAssist Watch for Physical Activity Tracking

Great healthcare decisions are ultimately dependent on data at hand. Being able to know how much physical activity you are engaged in a great step toward making positive adjustments in your lifestyle. The HealthAssist Watch gives you all the data you need to make the right decisions. Better still, it does not require any special programming, you just wear it and it will do the rest.
The HealthAssist Watch comes in a wide variety of colors and you can rest assured that it will complement any dressing style. You can also buy it in installments or in full. This gives you financial flexibility and makes the process of acquiring one easy on your budget.
If you have any inquiries about the HealthAssist Watch and how it can be utilized in physical activity tracking and other medical watch alert applications, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-635-2720.