What Are Caregivers?

Generally, caregivers are professionals who help individuals that require long-term care, e.g., in a homecare or a patient’s home. A caregiver is not always an outsider. In fact, anyone can be a caregiver to a spouse, a child, or a parent. Some caregivers are paid to clean the house, shop for food, cook, and pay bills. On top of these, they also help the patient when going to the toilet, bathing, dressing, and eating. They can also handle medications and provide emotional support for their patients.
Caregiving requires a lot of work that it can even take away that much needed time for oneself. It can be stressful too especially when caring for those who are chronically ill. Most caregivers in this situation are sleep deprived because they are “on call” 24/7. Some of these individuals tend to feel isolated too, and can even become depressed in the long run, without the help of other people or anything that can assist them when performing their duties.


Benefits of Watches for Family Caregivers

Watches for family care givers offers several key benefits including:

  • Easy monitoring of loved ones
  • GPS enabled
  • A simple mechanism that works
  • Gives complete peace of mind to caregivers
  • Generate medication adherence, activity and bio-metric Reports

Watches for family caregivers are designed to remotely monitor the medical needs of loved ones – from doctor appointments to missed doses and exams, as well as medication notifications. Since it is GPS enabled, one can easily talk to his or her loved one, and even know where they are just by enabling this feature. It has a simple mechanism too – there is no need for Internet connectivity, Bluetooth, or even a smartphone application. Users do not have to set the time or program anything into the device. Get the rest that you need, whenever you want, knowing that these watches can help your loved ones stay in better health condition.

Choose HealthAssist Watch for Family Caregivers


Patient education


Solid feedback and
support system


Peace of mind


Seamless access to
quality healthcare

At HealthAssist Watch, we offer family caregiver watches that are designed to help you out while monitoring your loved one. Our device works for tracking heart rate, activity levels, and stress levels. With our device, the wearer easily receives reminders when it is time to take his or her medications. Our watches also support blood pressure and scale devices and allow you to generate monthly reports on your loved one’s health condition. Caregivers are notified whenever the wearer sends out distress messages.

Our HealthAssist Watches are affordable. You can choose to purchase via installments or pay in full. We also have great color variations ranging from black to silver to rose gold, ensuring that the device suits any personal style. It will be easier monitoring a loved one’s health with our fashionable and functional watches.

If you have any inquiries about the HealthAssist Watch and how it can be utilized by family caregivers and in other medical watch alert applications, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-635-2720.